Litepanels Gemini 1x1 Soft

Technical Specification

Source Type RGB+WW
Lamp Type Panel light
Weight 5.00kg
Kelvin 2700 - 10000
Beam Angle (deg) 0 - 0
Voltage (V) 0 - 0
Max Power Consumption (W) 200
Current (amps) (@240V) 0.83
Output (lux) 1m: 0 | 3m: 0 | 5m: 0
IP Rating IP20
CRI 97
Battery Capability yes
Wireless DMX Capable yes


Delivering full spectrum, accurate daylight and tungsten light with the ability to dial in any color imaginable and a wide selection of lighting effects, the lightweight, quick-to-rig, and easy to control Gemini is the ultimate no-crew lighting solution for image makers on the go. the 1x1 gemini offers the exact functionalty and operation of the 2x1 gemini. Total control of light with four lighting modes; CCT Mode for true daylight and tungsten with fine tuning; HSI Mode to create any color in the 360° color wheel; Gel Mode to quickly dial up many popular gels, and Effects Mode for a dazzling array of creative lighting effects at your fingertips. A lightweight design for rapid rigging with fewer cables and full-intensity mobile power from XLR, V-Mount or Gold Mount® batteries - drawing just 200W - makes Gemini 1x1 Soft the perfect location light. Easy to reach, on-board controls and remote-control options via DMX, wireless DMX or Bluetooth for easy integration into your existing lighting set up. Flicker-free light at any frame rate or shutter angle and at any intensity level perfect for creating slow motion shots with Ultra-smooth dimming from 100 to 0.1%.

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