Technical Specification

Source Type LED - BI-COLOUR
Lamp Type Multiple Pod
Weight 3.00kg
Kelvin 2600 - 6500
Beam Angle (deg) 180 - 360
Voltage (V) 24 - 24
Max Power Consumption (W) 400
Current (amps) (@240V) 1.67
Output (lux) 1m: 0 | 3m: 0 | 5m: 0
IP Rating IP20
CRI 95
Battery Capability yes
Wireless DMX Capable yes


Developed by cinematographers, gaffers, and grips, the Redback 36" Octagon Parabolic LED Basic Kitfrom Hudson Spider is built around a 36" diameter fixture that can be set up in 5 minutes, broken down to a 12 x 8" cylinder, and packed in its shock and waterproof rolling travel case. The fixture's eight hinged aluminum and steel arms can be formed into a parabolic shape with a total of 3456 closely-spaced LEDs that combine to create a soft continuous source. In addition to softness, the Redback has a unique wrap-around quality, snappy contrast, and a crisp specular quality that some have called "magical" while most refer to it simply as a beauty light.


Using the included 90-305 VAC Litegear power supply/dimmer, the Redback has color temperature with a wide range of 2600 to 6500K with a CRI of 95+ - an indicator of superior accuracy in color rendering. It can also be dimmed from 0 to 100% and while you can make these adjustments locally on the fixture, you can also do it remotely via onboard DMX from a console.

For those requiring directional control and softness options this kit also includes a Redback Parabolic Reflector that includes a silver-interior Ultrabounce fitted cover, Magic Cloth diffuser, and full and 1/2 grid cloth diffusers. Also included are an IEC power cord, 24' header cable, and a 5/8" Baby pin with 3/8" threads. It all fits in the kit's water and shockproof rolling case.

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Redback spec sheet

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