If you have received an email with the above symbol it means that more than one person in the high-end feature films/commercial sector vouched for you as someone who is competent, safe, knowledgeable and would be used by them as crew. Nice work!

The AALT has been created to:

  • Help address the issue of unskilled/unqualified personnel infiltrating the industry
  • Ensure the current standards of excellence among our crews are maintained during this time of rapid industry growth
  • Help establish some structure into our department, we are looking to introduce proper training schemes etc

As an AALT level subscriber of LightSource PRO, you will have:

All the perks of a LS PRO member but also...

Be instantly connected to all other AALT members
Have access to the LightSource helpline for urgent crewing up needs and/or technical/account issues.
Own with pride the vitally essential AALT T-shirt which shows everyone the high regard your peers have of you. (not available to buy)
Enjoy LightSource Pro’s growing connections, for example;


(If any of their members are in need of gaffers or technicians of any kind, then this is the place they will look to for accredited/vetted professionals).

How to become an AALT member

If you have been forwarded this email and are not currently AALT, but think you should be:

Register and create your profile.

Upload a minimum of 3 jobs you have done, as well as the first job you completed in the lighting industry. (all fields must be completed for it to log as a job)

Upload all relevant electrical qualifications.

Email team@lightsourcefilm.com stating that you wish to be approved for AALT status.

What happens next?

3 times a year (next one being June 12th 2019) there will be a review of all technicians that wish to be AALT. This review process is conducted by

Aaron Keating
Paul Molloy
David Ridout
David Sinfield
Martin Smith
Eddie Knight
Micheal White
Ben Wilson

Those that are selected will then get a welcome email. (LightSource retains the right to grant or remove AALT memberships at any given time in keeping with maintaining industry standards.)

To register, click the blue button below, fill out the quick, easy form and await your email.

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